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Build vs. Buy Software: Making a Decision That's Right for Your Business

A few helpful things to consider when contemplating whether to build or buy software.

Product Design Workshop: An In-Depth Guide

Product Design Workshops are a great way to quickly gather requirements and build a shared understanding of project goals.

Clutch Recognizes Kohactive as a 2018 Global Leader!

We're thrilled to announce that Kohactive has been recognized as a 2018 Global Leader on the Clutch 1000 list.

Setting the Budget for a Software Development Project

Setting a budget for custom software is challenging. How can you calculate the ROI when there are so many risks and unknowns?

How Human-Centered Design Can Transform Your Organization

Human-centered design enables organizations to create better products and services.

Our Brand Redesigned

Reimagining our company brand in a whole new way.

Color’s Impact on Your Brand

The first element of design.

Defining Your Brand Voice

How to consistently deliver an impactful message.

Influencer Marketing for Startups

How to find influencers for your startup.