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Good Design: Our Picks for April

The best in web design, according to the kohactive team.

We immerse ourselves in the web everyday. Let’s face it– not all of it is pretty. So we take special notice when a website is well-built and beautifully designed. Some of us love the use of iconography. Some enjoy skillful illustration. And some of us just enjoy an easy to understand, and use, interface.

Take a look at our picks for the best designed websites of the moment.

Web design picks: Mapbox


Team member: John Koht
URL: mapbox.com

What makes me love the design:
Mapbox is a really clean website with a lot of information. It strikes a nice balance between application UI screenshots, illustrations, and iconography. I’m a big fan of the videos that show off features of the product that are hard to communicate or simply illustrate.

Web design picks: Cool Hunting


Team member: Ian Steele
URL: coolhunting.com

What makes me love the design:
A clean, simple, and uncluttered navigation makes the site extremely easy to move through and find cool stuff. Large font sizes immediately let me recognize where I’m at on the site. The cards used to showcase different items feature large compelling imagery with great content hierarchy that allows me to easily scan through the content and find more.

Web design pick: Elev.io


Team member: Justin McNally
URL: elev.io

What makes me love the design:
I like how well it explains and demonstrates the product–along with the general materialistic, modern aesthetic.

Web design picks: Twitch.tv


Team member: Tyler Bobella
URL: twitch.tv

What makes me love the design:
I like how the site keeps things very simplistic in the sense that when you load the landing page, you are dropped into a live stream. Everything is segmented as you scroll down the page. There aren’t many graphics, or anything of that nature, but I think that is what I like about it. In my mind it gives more of the impression of “let our product talk for itself.”

Web design pick: Fabric

Twitter / Fabric

Team member: Lawrence Davis
URL: get.fabric.io

What makes me love the design:
The pleasing color scheme, subtle yet eye-catching animations and parallax effects, as well as great uses of gifs and screenshots showcase product functionality.

Web design pick: NY Times

New York Times “A Game of Shark and Minnow”

Team member: Maria Faulisi
URL: nytimes.com

What makes me love the design:
I don’t have a favorite website per se, but this is one of the best examples of digital storytelling imo. The strong mix of long form read, videos, and maps enhance the story.

Web design pick: Momotaro


Team member: Joslyn Brandt
URL: momotarochicago.com

What makes me love the design:
I like Momotarochicago.com because it’s visually pleasing, interesting, and colorful. The motion graphics make it more interactive while also being informative. It’s a very well done site.

Web design pick: Pinterest


Team member: Tyler Ferraro
URL: pinterest.com

What makes me love the design:
I like the uneven grids of images, which combine to make a seamless feed. When Pinterest launched, the layout felt new and fresh in its simplicity. While the content lends itself to a bit of information overload, the large images and little text help keep it from becoming too complicated.

Web design pick: Canopy


Team member: Gino Desruisseaux
URL: canopy.co

What makes me love the design:
It’s clean, easy-to-navigate, and the product imagery is presented very well without an inundation of information.

Web design pick: Misfit Bolt

Misfit Bolt

Team member: Andy Richardson
URL: misfit.com/products/bolt

What makes me love the design:
It does a nice job of incorporating the function and design of the product into that of the page; the use of color and environmental effect really play into what the product is about.

If you’re considering building a product, let us help you create a design as great as these!