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Product Workshops: How To Kickstart Your Idea

A custom tailored session to ideate and identify your MVP.

Building a business is hard. Real hard. Most startups fail because they run out of money or don’t find the right market fit. This is because they failed to survey the market, identify a real problem and validate learnings.

Building a sustainable business isn’t about features, it’s about identifying a real world problem and finding the right market fit. Unfortunately, both are incredibly difficult to achieve.

Most first-time entrepreneurs want to throw all of their eggs in one basket, they believe their product won’t be successful unless it has all of the features, including the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, most of these startups fail.

The best way to avoid failure is to validate your business model. The Lean Startup provides a scientific approach to building a startup. One of the core principles is building a Minimum Viable Product to test your ideas and begin the process of learning as quickly as possible.

Identifying the right Minimum Viable Product is hard!

We developed our product workshop to help entrepreneurs refine their ideas and develop various MVP models. We help to explore the market, identify competitors and build a foundation for scientifically testing your business model.

Product workshops are typically one full day of ideation, research and whiteboarding. Our goal is to identify the problem and come up with potential solutions that we can test to validate our business model. Some examples of MVPs can be a landing page, a video, or crowdsourcing. Other times, we’ll need to build a product to collect data, garner feedback and acquire validated learnings.

The product workshop is a great way for entreprenuers to better understand how they can test their ideas without investing too much money. Likewise, many people come to us with an idea and have no idea what to do next. Whether you just have an idea or a fully developed business plan, it’s essential to identify a successful plan to test and validate your business model.

A minimum viable product can come in many forms, as long as it can provides a mechanism for testing and validation. Learn more about how we help startups build prototypes and MVPs.

Interested in learning more about our product workshop? Feel free to reach out to us at biz@kohactive.com to learn more. We’re happy to sit down and discuss how we can help your develop your idea and grow your business.