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Product Design Workshop: An In-Depth Guide

Product Design Workshops are a great way to quickly gather requirements and build a shared understanding of project goals.

What is a Product Roadmap and Why You Need One

Product roadmaps help organizations create a vision for product and software development cycles.

Improve Custom Software Estimations Using the Fermi Method

Estimating project hours and budgets is one of the toughest challenges in software development. Use the Fermi Method to improve your estimations.

Fixed Budget, Variable Scope: A Modern Approach to Budgeting Custom Software

Fixed budget and variable scope is an agile approach to budgeting and building successful products.

Setting the Budget for a Software Development Project

Setting a budget for custom software is challenging. How can you calculate the ROI when there are so many risks and unknowns?

How Human-Centered Design Can Transform Your Organization

Human-centered design enables organizations to create better products and services.

On Design Thinking

We believe design thinking can help companies truly innovate.

Building Trust With Social Media

How to Prepare for a Web Design Project

A guide to researching and preparing for any size web design project.