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Ten tools to help build automated marketing websites

A collection of tools that any size company can use to start automating their marketing efforts.

One thing that sets kohactive apart from a lot of traditional marketing agencies is our focus on technology. In this ever evolving world of social media and machine learning, the new and innovative marketing solutions demanded by the marketing departments around the world has created a space race of user engagement technology.

In this year’s Super Bowl for example, We saw some cutting edge strategies from companies like Coca-Cola. Rather than the traditional jokes and shock value, they created value by automating the remix of people’s social media content. If you replied to a negative tweet with the hash tag #MakeItHappy, Coca-Cola would send an automated response turning the tweet in to a fun and friendly picture.

In the case of Coca-Cola this was custom software, and at kohactive we have created similar solutions to help clients improve their social media engagement. These solutions cost money to develop and are often disposable after use, however this doesn’t make social media marketing and automation any less important.

We want to share some tools that we’ve used to help medium sized marketing departments and startups automate their social media presence, along with reducing costs associated with marketing data aggregation and content marketing

1. Buffer

Specialty: Social Media Automation

Offerings: Buffer allows you to quickly and easily curate and schedule content sharing through social media channels. Their awesome tools integrate with all your favorite websites, and scheduling content is done with a click from the web page you want to share.

Favorite Feature: Brands can invite multiple team members, and content can be curated and approved by team admins.

2. Content Marketer

Specialty: Content Aplification and Outreach

Offerings: Content Marketer scans your posts for mentions of your connections and helps you connect with them to share your content.

Favorite Feature: A new way to market content directly through your network without being spammy. Easily target the best prospects to help amplify your content’s reach.

3. Ad Stage

Specialty: Optimizing ad spend based on user defined workflow rules

Offerings: Ad Stage is a one stop hub for managing ad campaigns across all major networks. Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads. You can design automated campaigns, that increase spend to well performing ads and pause low performing ads.

Favorite Feature: The ability to kill ads that get engagement but no click through. Twitter will charge you by the interaction. If someone clicks your card but not the link to your site, you still pay for an interaction. If your ads are getting a lot of “touches” but no conversions, you can save a lot of money if you can automatically pause ads.

4. Kahoots

Specialty: Outreach and Networking

Offerings: Keeping your contacts up to date. If you are in the business of marketing content, your network is everything. Kahoots promises to make sure you can reach your contacts when you need to, even if you haven’t updated the details in 6 months.

Favorite Feature: In the cloud contacts, automatically kept up to date.


Specialty: Workflow Automation

Offerings: Create automated marketing workflows that save time and prevent missed opportunities. You can automate the way any two internet products interact.

Favorite Feature: You can create a rule that when a new item is added to a RSS feed, the story is queued in Buffer to be sent out to your social networks.

6. Intercom

Specialty: Conversion Management and Engagement Automation

Offerings: Automate welcome messages to new site users. Manage drip campaigns triggered by time and custom data integration.

Favorite Feature: Chat directly with customers as they visit your site, send automatic messages when they haven’t been engaged for a while.

7. SEO Radar

Specialty: Automated Content Monitoring

Offerings: They scan and index the history of your website, looking for changes that negatively impact your SEO.

Favorite Feature: Great for making sure new SEO strategies or content tweaks don’t harm the SEO and ranking you’ve already built.

8. Mention

Specialty: Social Media Monitoring

Offerings: Get alerts when your brand is mentioned on social media. Use to engage customers, track referrals or measure amplification. Quickly react to what is being said and craft campaigns to optimize engagement opportunities.

Favorite Feature: Monitoring is deeper than @mentions, engage customers who mention your name or things distinct to your brand.

9. kimono

Specialty: Automated Content Scraping

Offerings: Kimono offers a super simple, point and click way to turn any web page or search result into a JSON or RSS feed. Kimono will re-scrape the page at a set interval and update it’s API output.

Favorite Feature: This can then be used with custom software to easily curate and track interesting content, or it can be fed into IFTTT, and used to automate a number of different platforms such as tweeting new content as it is discovered.

10. Mechanical Turk

Specialty: Human Automation

Offerings: Sometimes the best automation is manual. Mechanical Turk allows you to define any job, set a price, and have a human perform it. If an API or product doesn’t exisit to perform a task you need to automate, simply have a person do it.

Favorite Feature: Combined with custom software development, you can automate pushing jobs to Mechanical Turk via their API, this could mean everytime you put a blog post into draft mode, a person would proof read it or find fitting images.

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Additionally, we’ve created a list of all of the tools startups need here. Check it out!

While these products are great and offer amazing starting points, as your needs grow and you want to do more, you may want explore custom solutions to help smooth integration friction. Let our team help with your next digital marketing campaign, and get a free consultation on how a custom solution could help soothe some of the pain points in your content marketing strategies. Click the start a project button at the top of the page and tell us about your needs.