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Tools and Apps that Power Kohactivity!

From communication to project management, some tools we use to enhance our productivity.

Over the years, we’ve adopted and fell in love with a variety of tools and apps that increase productivity, enable us to kohllaborate and power kohactivity. After using, abusing and testing hundreds of tools, we’ve found these to be the most useful and effective.

Basecamp is a fast and easy-to-us project management tool that we use everyday. From client projects to internal projects to our weekly grocery list, we use Basecamp to communicate, share and manage each other. Basecamp is incredible useful for task management and discussing assets, ideas and tasks.

Dropbox is a simple tool to share files. We use it for each project, both internally and externally. We usually share a folder with clients so we can share assets, ideas and designs. Likewise, we use it internally to share all the necessary assets and designs for a project.

CloudApp is a really simple tool that allows us to quickly share files. While dropbox is great of sharing project files to clients and internally, CloudApp is a toolbar app that let’s us easily drag and drop files into our toolbar and then copies a web based link to the clipboard for easy sharing.

Campfire is another 37 Signals tool that allows us to communicate in real-time. Campfire is a platform for creating and managing chatrooms, either private or public. We like Campfire because we can kohllaborate remotely or even when we’re in the office and don’t want to distract others.

Google Apps have been a part of Kohactive since we began in 2008. We’ve continued to use GMail and Calendars for everything! Likewise, we love Google Drive. Every project, proposal, idea, etc starts with a Google doc. We have a folder in Docs for each of our clients and we take all of our meeting notes in real-time at the meetings.

Facebook has become a great tool here at Kohactive. We use private groups to share links, ideas and content. It’s like our own private feed of technology, web development and design links. The Kohactivators posts links they like and we can discuss through comments. It’s a nice way to stay social about the things we want to share with one another.

Harvest is our time-tracking and invoicing software. We’re able to keep track of project hours, budgets and expectations by constantly adding and monitoring our activity to Harvest. Likewise, their awesome invoicing and payment accepting integration lets us focus on the more important things–like our clients.

These tools enable us to work faster, smarter and more kohllaboratively. What tools do you and your company use? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.