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Watching Divx and Flash Video on IPAD

Both are now possible without jail breaking by purchasing yxplayer, I love it so far after i figured out how to work it.

Although a bit choppy at times atleast while streaming divx, not sure if its my connection or the codecs choking?

It seems to catch up eventually and defiantly a step in the right direction.

The quick how to for streaming divx from the web is:

  1. Find a Stage-Vu player (Could be any player but stage-vu definatly works) - Safari (You can try the built in browser but it was giving me issues on the pages i was browsing)
  2. Hold down the download button on player till menu pops up.
  3. Copy URL
  4. Close Safari
  5. Open yxplayer
  6. Select Streams from the lower menu
  7. Add stream giving it a name and paste the url you copied from safari.
  8. Enjoy

If you can find a FLV link I believe it will play also, but that could be difficult in the safari browser, Best bet is to download on a pc and upload to ipad storage and try to playback the FLV that way, i believe it is supported.

If you are jailbroken installing iMobileCinema seems to enable MegaVideo videos to be launched directly inside of safari and works in fullscreen very well, although you are limited to 74 minutes or whatever the time limit on megavideo is after which you will have to wait an hour to play another. iMobileCinema seems to support a handful of other video sites and you can embed tags to add support for iMobileCinema in your own videos with info from iMobileCinema.com

Hope that helps, I am enjoying some streaming video on my ipad finnally, and I hope you do the same.