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Where to find the best Wordpress themes for your company website

The best options for both paid and free Wordpress themes.

There are plenty places to source Wordpress themes out there. The first place to look is on Wordpress itself. Otherwise, make notes of what you’re looking for, and search by these criteria. What type of features does your website need? What kind of business are you building a website for? Will you be implementing the theme, or hiring a developer?

Here are some of the best free and paid theme blogs, websites, and marketplaces.

Free Themes

There are lots of roundups and blogs that offer links to free themes. Just know with a free theme, you’re generally not getting anything too robust in terms of site features, and many don’t include free upgrades (unless you’re getting them directly from Wordpress.)


Blog Roundups:

Premium Themes

Studio Press

Studio Press has been around almost as long as Wordpress itself. If you’re looking to DIY, these themes can be difficult to make edits to–but we find these themes to be well designed with solid code.

Theme Forest

Expect to dig through a lot of different themes on Theme Forest, but if you’re looking for a site with a large variety of themes, then Theme Forest is a good option. Some of the themes aren’t the best quality–but the site includes support threads, giving you an indication of how responsive the developer of the theme is.


If you’re looking to get numerous themes, Themify is a good option. You can access all of the site’s themes for just $79. They also have a decent drag and drop site building feature for those building on their own, and all of the themes are mobile responsive.


TeslaThemes has some of the best designed themes out there if you like a simple (sometimes described as “clean”) aesthetic. They also have great support.

Viva Theme

Viva Themes doesn’t have the largest selection of themes–but what they have are beautifully designed, vary by type of business with dozens of features, and include lifetime support and upgrades. They also include PNG and PSD source files on many themes–which is somewhat rare.

If you are at all interested in learning how our team wrangles Wordpress, take a look at our post!

We are happy to help you find the perfect theme for your business, or design one for you! Just reach out.